AAA Battery Tender®
Halt a dead battery before it stops you.

Do you have an automobile that isn’t driven for a week or more? How about an RV, boat, or other recreational vehicle for water or snow? Perhaps you have a riding mower that gets seasonal use, or do you own a vintage vehicle?

battery care

battery care

Why the AAA Battery Tender versus conventional chargers?

AAA Battery Tenders use BTP Microprocessor Technology and quick-connect convenience that automatically maintains the batteries in all your vehicles so they are ready to go when you are. Due to their state-of-the-art advances, AAA Battery Tenders avoid the potentially damaging effects caused by many trickle chargers. AAA Battery Tenders assure high quality, fast-charging convenience and performance. These devices can save hundreds of dollars in replacement batteries.

Which AAA Battery Tender is for you?

The AAA Battery Tender Plus is ideal for most applications: Automobiles, Motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, trucks and general use. The AAA Battery Tender Jr. has a compact size, and works in hard-to-fit places.

battery care
battery care
AAA Battery Tender Junior
Installation Guide
Troubleshooting Guide

battery care  

Two-Bank Battery Tender Charging Station

Two encased 1.25 amp battery chargers designed to fully charge a battery and maintain at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. This charger will operate anywhere in the world.

  • Perfect for all AGM (absorbed glass mat), sealed maintenance free and flooded batteries
  • Complies with US and international safety standards (UL/CE)


battery care  

Waterproof 800

This compact 800 mA battery charger has all the charge characteristics of its Battery Tender Junior cousin. Highly efficient surface-mounted technology electronic components. Interior is completely encapsulated, protected from shock, vibration, and moisture. Tough and affordable; a strong, innovative battery charging solution.

  • Perfect for all outdoor types of ATV's, watercraft, motorcycles, boats, or anywhere water is a threat.
  • International universal input voltage works anywhere in the world 100-240 AC Volts 50/60 Hz.


Save Money. Save Time. Extend Battery Life.

AAA Battery Tenders feature member exclusive extended warranties over those sold elsewhere. AAA Battery Tenders are available at special member pricing from your local participating AAA club.

battery care