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General Information
Gas Prices

Canada's rising gas prices...and what CAA is doing about it.
Canada's Rising Gas Prices

Buying Tips

CAA's online reference contains lots of helping information for car buying.
CAA Buying Tips Reference

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CAAs Primer on Automobile Fuel Efficiency and Emissions

How can fuel efficiency be improved? By simply changing your driving habits. You don't need to buy a hybrid to drive green.
CAA Fuel Primer

Distracted Driving


Everything you need to know about the hidden hazards of distracted driving.
Distracted Driving

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The Cost of Vehicle Ownership

Before purchasing your next vehicle, be sure to consider the ongoing expenses that may be associated with your purchase. Vehicle Ownership

Driving Costs

Beyond the price tag: understanding your vehicle's expenses. Driving Costs Information

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Maintainance Tips

CAA's online reference for how to care for and preserve your vehicle.
CAA Vehicle Maintainance Reference

IIHS Crash Data

View crashworthiness evaluations of new passenger vehicles.
IIHS Crash Data

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